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Media Release I Commemorating the Easter Holidays Responsibly and with Vigilance to Stave Off the Third Wave

Data from around the world suggests that COVID-19 infections are on a rapid increase. South Africa’s medical fraternity has been sounding the alarm for weeks, about the possible impact of a lack of vigilance and nonadherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols during the Easter holidays, on the country’s COVID-19 infections and a possible third wave.


Media Release I UK High Commission and SA Government Representatives Join Solidarity Fund on Visit to Farming Input Beneficiaries

On the 18th of March, representatives from the Office of the United Kingdom High Commissioner to South Africa, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALLRD) and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), as well as the Solidarity Fund paid a visit to the Bojanala District in Rustenburg, North West Province.


Media Release I Solidarity Fund Marks its First Anniversary as South Africa Prepares for the Mass Vaccine Rollout Programme

As South Africa prepares for the mass vaccine rollout programme, the Solidarity Fund marked it first anniversary of impactful interventions on the 23rd of March 2021.


Systemic and Community Based Organisation Grants

In February 2021, the Solidarity Fund’s Selection and Evaluation Panel approved systemic and community-based organisation grants as part of its GBV II initiative. This large-scale, national response to the challenge of GBV in the country – with total funding of R75 million – falls within the Fund’s broader humanitarian initiatives.


Media release I Solidarity Fund Funding to benefit 332 Organisations in the Gender-Based Violence Sector

In November 2020, the Solidarity Fund put a call out for applications from potential beneficiary organisations in the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) sector who would benefit from a once-off grant from the Fund.


Safe back2work campaign

As thousands of South Africans return to work from far reaches of the country and beyond, workplace safety takes the spotlight.  Anticipating this need, the Return2Work Initiative has launched a range of punchy and accessible safe back2work videos.


The Solidarity Fund issues six-month interim Impact Report

The Solidarity Fund has issued an interim Impact Report, reporting back on the impact attained by the Fund, including how donations were allocated and disbursed since inception of the Fund to the end of September 2020.


The Solidarity Fund appoints Joe Public as agency for behavioral change campaign

The Solidarity Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Public United as marketing and communications agency for the Fund’s upcoming second behavioural change campaign.


Scam Alert! Solidarity Fund Clone Website

It has come to our attention that there is a scam website operating under the guise of the Solidarity Fund. Please note, there is only one website belonging to the Fund, and where you can make donations to the Fund –


The Solidarity Fund opens second funding call (R500 000 to R1M) for larger-scale NPO in the GBV sector

The Solidarity Fund has today announced the opening of a second call for funding applications from non-profit organisations (NPO) in the GBV sector who can show how a once-off grant from the Fund, ranging from R500 000 to R1 million, would help catalyse or accelerate large-scale or systemic change in the GBV sector over the medium to long-term.


The Solidarity Fund appoints Tandi Nzimande as its new CEO

The Solidarity Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Tandiwe Nzimande (Tandi) as Fund CEO, taking over from outgoing CEO, Nomkhita Nqweni. Tandi was endorsed as the CEO formally at a meeting of the Board held on Thursday 22nd October.


The Solidarity Fund opens funding call for community based organisations (CBO) in the GBV sector

Following the Solidarity Fund’s announcement of its second phase of Gender-Based-Violence support on 16 September, the Fund now opens a call for funding applications from community-based organisations (CBO) in the GBV sector who stand to benefit from a once-off grant from the Fund ranging from R50 000 to R250 000.


The Solidarity Fund Update

Just over a month ago, South Africa moved into Level 1 lockdown. Although, in many ways, our lives had already begun a slow return to some form of normality, this change in level marked a growing feeling that we were finally getting control of the pandemic and that it was time to start rebuilding our country, industries and lives.


Gender-based Violence Response II - Call for Application Process

The Solidarity Fund will soon commence a call for applications process for eligible community-based organisations (CBOs) and non-profit organisations to apply for funding in support of critical activities and services related to addressing genderbased violence (GBV) across the country on 22 October and 4 November respectively.


UK Government donates R50m to Solidarity Fund; video of the signing event

On 14 September, the Solidarity Fund received a R50m grant from the UK government. The grant focuses on extending the Solidarity Fund’s efforts in uplifting and supporting women in South Africa, especially when it comes to increasing funding for farming input vouchers, which will help subsistence and household farmers, who are predominantly women, as well as fighting against gender-based violence.

“For the victims of gender-based violence, sometimes they just want to know that someone cares,” said the Fund’s Chairman, Gloria Serobe. “So when someone like the British government responds, it heals.”


Update on the Solidarity Fund’s Activities

Donations, Disbursements, Projects, Availability of reports.


The Solidarity Fund Update

It’s been almost 6 months since President Cyril Ramaphosa first announced the shutdown and the country will feel the effects for many months to come. In that six months, the Solidarity Fund has approved R2,448 billion to be spent on interventions and projects across three key pillars – Health, Humanitarian Relief and Behavioural Change.


UK Government donates R50m to South Africa’s Solidarity Fund for projects supporting and promoting women

The Solidarity Fund today announced the receipt of a R50m grant from the government of the United Kingdom. The grant is aimed at extending the Solidarity Fund’s ongoing efforts to counter the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa – focusing specifically on projects supporting and promoting women.


Solidarity Fund granted 882 Vehicles

R3.3m was granted for 882 Vehicles to be branded and fitted with loud hailing equipment to be utilised by the Traditional Leaders for communication with the communities. The purpose of the campaign is to utilise the traditional leaders network and reach to convey COVID messaging to far reaching communities. Branding of the 57 units have been completed and delivered to the Eastern Cape and contracting of the remaining 825 units has been completed and the delivery of the 825 units is expected in September 2020


Solidarity Fund delivers first batch of ventilators to hospitals

In early July 2020, the Solidarity Fund approved the additional funding of R405m to go towards the purchase of critical healthcare equipment for the public hospital system in the hotspots of Gauteng, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.


Solidarity Fund approves R175 million in food relief as COVID-19 infections rise

As the impact of Covid-19 on employment and livelihoods becomes increasingly apparent with hundreds of thousands of people losing their income either temporarily or permanently, the Solidarity Fund has ramped up its efforts to bring some relief to those affected by the pandemic.


Solidarity Fund Scam Alert – Clone Website

A phishing attack on the official SF website has come to our attention, with an exact replica of the SF website having been built at


The Solidarity Fund urges behaviour change as South Africa heads for pandemic peak.

The Solidarity Fund has urged all South Africans to stand together as Citizens in Solidarity and adopt behaviour changes to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
To view the Press Briefing click here


Solidarity Fund Health Response Report | PPE for the Public Health System

The Solidarity Fund has a clear mandate to support the national health response, contribute to humanitarian relief efforts and mobilise South Africans to drive a united response to the COVID-19. A key objective of the Fund’s healthcare mandate is the ‘Care’ effort to support national efforts to augment the safety and efficacy of our medical response by ensuring a supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

For more details on our efforts, please take a moment and read through our report.


The Solidarity Fund approves R405m to purchase critical medical equipment for Covid-19 hotspots

As the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies across South Africa and the country braces for an expected surge in hospital admissions, the Solidarity Fund has responded by approving an additional R405m towards the purchase of critical healthcare equipment for the public hospital system in the hotspots of Gauteng, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.


The Solidarity Fund addresses incorrect media reports

The Solidarity Fund has engaged the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) regarding recent incorrect statements in the media that the SIU was investigating allegations related to the Fund. The SIU has confirmed it is not investigating The Solidarity Fund.


Solidarity Fund Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that an ‘entity’ called the International Covid Solidarity Fund claiming to disburse money on behalf of government to citizens, is in actual fact an outfit running a phishing scam.


CSA announces revised Solidarity Cup match date

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is pleased to announce Nelson Mandela International Day (18 July 2020) as the revised date for the 3TCricket match presented by RAIN where three teams of eight will play in a single match, competing for the inaugural Solidarity Cup.


The Solidarity Fund Update

The Solidarity Fund has approved more than R1,4bn to fund initiatives to prevent, support, detect and care for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the total amount disbursed, 75% has been provisionally allocated towards the health response, including the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), testing kits and ventilators.


Webinar | Flattening the curve beyond the lockdown.

Reducing the number of new COVID-19 infections to prevent our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed, remains critical even outside of lockdown. As our numbers are climbing toward our peak, it now becomes even more important to remain vigilant and to continue to flatten the curve. For a perspective of where we are with the pandemic see this conversation between the Solidarity Funds’ Dr Jonathan Broomberg and Professor Salim Karim.


Driving behaviour change through our Citizens in Solidarity campaign

The Solidarity Fund launched its Citizens in Solidarity campaign to help drive positive and healthy behaviour as a key tool in South Africa’s fight against the spread of the Coronavirus as the country braces for its peak. The campaign, in multiple languages consists of messaging across various media, including radio, television, billboards and digital media. The campaign will be driven through a host of partners in the public and private sectors as well as social partners comprising of civil society organisations, traditional leaders and faith-based organisations to amplify the message. The central theme of the campaign is to create awareness and educate on how to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. The specific messages include washing hands, wearing a mask and continuing with social distancing. We have created a digital toolkit, brand guidelines and a set of assets we are sharing with all of you, where you can access various Citizens in Solidarity collateral for you to apply across your platforms at home or your places of work.

Please feel free to use as you choose, within the guidelines provided.

Brand guidelines:


Cricket South Africa announces the exciting and new 3TCricket and Solidarity Cup.

The 3TCricket organisation committee addressed members of the media following the launch of the inaugural Solidarity Cup on SuperSport


Solidarity Fund launches behaviour change campaign, announces participation in cricket benefit game

The Solidarity Fund this week launched its Citizens in Solidarity campaign to help drive positive and healthy behaviour as a key tool in South Africa’s fight against the spread of the Coronavirus as the country braces for its peak.


The Solidarity Fund supports victims of gender-based violence

The Solidarity Fund has approved R17m in funding for initiatives that support victims of gender-based violence as part of its efforts to assist those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Solidarity Fund boosts COVID-19 testing across the country for those in need

As South Africa experiences an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, the Solidarity Fund is supporting the provision of more than 1m COVID-19 tests across the country to help government’s efforts to ramp up testing, tracing and quarantining to slow the spread of the virus.


Media Release

Solidarity Fund leverages partnerships to bring in much needed PPE.


Solidarity Fund food relief programme summary report

The Solidarity Fund has a clear mandate to support the national health response, contribute to humanitarian relief efforts and mobilise South Africans to drive a united response to Covid-19. We want to thank you for all of your contributions, helping us help others. Our food relief efforts have reached in excess of 280 000 households and we continue to work with our partners to bring dignity to those who are in need and are impacted by this pandemic. For more details on our efforts, please take a moment and read through our Food Relief Programme Summary Report.


Dr Jonathan Broomberg in conversation with Dr Fundile Nyathi around the Solidarity Fund’s Health Response interventions to COVID-19



British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa Webinar

Please view British Chamber of Business of Southern Africa, President, Leon Ayo in conversation with Dr Adrian Enthoven and Paul Bondi in a discussion around the role of business during these times and the role the Solidarity Fund plays.


The Solidarity Fund would like to clarify misconceptions about its mandate

The Solidarity Fund’s sole mandate is to support the national health response, contribute to humanitarian relief efforts and mobilise South Africans to drive a united response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Solidarity Fund Chairman’s’ Update

More than 90 voluntary staff across a network of 21 companies and organisations are providing support services to the Fund, all on a pro bono basis, with no one earning fees or a salary from the Fund. Transparency is at the heart of how we operate, and we continue to share all data with our key stakeholders and the media. We thank you for your support and generous donations. For more details, please watch our Stakeholder Briefing.


The Solidarity Fund reaches key milestones in relief and humanitarian efforts for South Africans

For more details, watch the Solidarity Fund Media Briefing.


The Solidarity Fund distributes food relief to more than 300 000 families across South Africa

The Solidarity Fund, this week, reported that it had delivered food support to 300 000 families across all nine provinces as part of its humanitarian relief efforts.


The Solidarity fund scam Alert and official Channels of communication

It has come to our attention that an ‘entity’ is soliciting funds asking individuals to make donations in the form of Bitcoins. The entity is using the descriptor, COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


Healthcare trains converted into mobile COVID-19 testing units

The COVID-19 testing capacity in some underserviced areas in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal will receive a boost from two Transnet healthcare trains.


Donations by South Africans have closed the supply gap for personal protective equipment against COVID-19

The Solidarity Fund, working with Business for South Africa (B4SA), has helped secure 100% of the N95 masks and nearly 80% of the surgical masks required in terms of weekly demand.


The Solidarity Fund warns South Africans about a WhatsApp scam offering fake grocery vouchers

The Solidarity Fund has learned about a WhatsApp scam that claims to be offering R100 grocery relief vouchers from the Solidarity Fund.


Solidarity Fund update on food relief

To provide accelerated aid for South Africa’s most vulnerable households and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Humanitarian Effort will focus on promoting human welfare through augmenting the efforts of government and business to enhance the households’ ability to cope through the pandemic.


The Solidarity Fund update on governance and donations

The Solidarity Fund would like to thank South Africa for the outpouring of generosity seen over the past week. The country’s response to the Fund’s call for unity in action has resulted in over R2 billion in donations pledged to the Fund, just two weeks since the President’s announcement.


The Solidarity Fund acts with urgency to unite South Africans and make an immediate impact

The Solidarity Fund, announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, provided more details on its purpose and mandate of mobilising and coordinating efforts and resources from all.


COVID-19 is unprecedented, as is the need to help.

South Africans are set to confront one of the toughest moments of our history. Fortunately, all indications are that we will do so united. It is a country defined by various struggles.

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