The Solidarity Fund was designed as a rapid response vehicle to mobilise South Africa in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting health, humanitarian and social consequences. Having received in excess of R3 Billion in the form of donations, the Fund works to augment the government’s response to this unprecedented challenge by assisting existing programmes and initiatives across all 9 provinces. Inspired by our nation’s resolve, unity and spirit, we are committed to creating impact through our ongoing work to manage and, eventually, contain this virus.



R3,22 Billion


R3,22 Billion


R2,75 Billion


R2,09 Billion

Unaudited figures as of 22/02. Please expect up to 48 hours for Donations to clear and reflect.

Payroll giving

As of 22/02

Donations Received

As of 22/02


The Solidarity Fund was established with a clear mandate aimed at having maximum impact through rapid and coordinated action. Our purpose is to mobilise and coordinate financial and in-kind contributions from all South Africans and members of the international community. We are then tasked with distributing contributions to effectively combat the health crisis and the social and humanitarian consequences of the pandemic - helping to bring South Africans together to play their part in fighting COVID-19.

Health Response

Supporting urgent aspects of the health system response, and supporting and protecting front-line health workers.

Humanitarian Pillar

Providing humanitarian support to and strengthening the most vulnerable households and communities

Behavioural Campaign

Uniting the nation in action against COVID–19 and encourage behaviour change in local communities

33,9 Million

Adults reached through the Solidarity and behavioural campaign

1,2 Million

Reagent and extraction kits to enable testing

52 Thousand

Critical health care equipment for hotspot provinces

280 Thousand

Households reached and provided with food parcels

106 Thousand

Tests provided by increasing testing capacity

20 Thousand

Non-invasive ventilators manufactured which has activated local manufacturing capacity (850 distributed)

35 Thousand

Household/subsistence farmers to receive farming input vouchers in rural areas

45 Thousand

To assist with the Seroprevalence study

200 Hundred

Ventilators procured and scheduled to arrive in South Africa in September

135 Thousand

Households targeted to receive food vouchers

41 Million

Units of PPE procured. 36million units have been dispatched to all 9 provinces

1.1 Million

Units of PPE procured for medical students

133 Hundred

Shelters and care centres provided with PPE and critical medical services to assist women and children affected by GBV

Solidarity in Action

  • Project NameAmount AllocatedAmount Disbursed
    Siemen EC Equipment and Hospital DonationR10 730 994R4 267 170
    Essential equipment funding for GPR98 274 184R73 848
    Essential equipment funding for EC
    R75 833 058
    R45 431 094
    Essential equipment funding for WC
    R119 996 719
    R36 918 977
    VaccinesR283 326 720R283 326 720
    Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) - Seroprevalence Study
    R45 814 453
    R22 907 226
    SAMRC testing capacity
    R88 188 192
    R56 458 210
    Testing capacity - ICPA
    R25 305 000
    R9 698 333
    DG Murray Trust Community Heath worker PPE funding
    R90 000 000
    R72 980 193
    Manufacturing of ventilators – CSIR
    R212 034 978
    R203 234 904
    Manufacturing of ventilators - SAVE-P
    R40 614 480
    R40 649 524
    NDOH PPE for in-hospital HCWs
    R648 610 480
    R603 537 502
    NDOH International Ventilators
    R22 000 000
    R19 913 564
    R 145 302 778 R 120 003 235
    NHLS test kits
    R250 868 993
    R250 868 993
    National ventilator production project, prototype and manufacturing
    R9 773 965
    R5 759 581
    Total R 2 166 674 993 R 1 776 029 077
  • Project NameAmount AllocatedAmount Disbursed
    GBV Programme 2 R75 000 000
    R1 935 242
    Farming Input Vouchers (Mezzanineware)R100 000 000 R63 341 333
    Food Relief Phase 2: Praekelt - 60000 Vouchers
    R56 030 800
    R37 590 771
    Food Relief Phase 2: Mthunzi Network - 45000 vouchers
    R22 010 800
    R18 378 025
    Food Relief Phase 2: M4JAM - 20000 Vouchers
    R15 375 000
    R14 879 750
    Food Relief Phase 2: SANZAF - 10000 vouchers
    R7 345 000
    R7 345 000
    Tshikululu Execution-R465 925
    GBV Phase 1: National GBV command centre (NICDAM)
    R4 852 825
    R4 852 825
    GBV Phase 1: National Shelter Movement
    R8 400 759
    R8 408 771
    GBV Phase 1: Gift of the Givers & NPA
    R2 451 616
    R2 451 656
    GBV Phase 1: Black Circle Communications
    R4 034 580
    R4 034 572
    Food Relief Programme Phase 1
    R120 000 000
    R117 330 286
    TotalR415 501 380R 281 014 156
  • Project NameAmount AllocatedAmount Disbursed
    Behaviour Change Campaign PII a
    R45 000 000
    R52 210 000
    Behaviour Change Campaign PII b
    R55 000 000
    Behaviour Change Contunuity (Phase 1,5)
    R4 900 000
    R5 632 221
    Media Campaign - COVID Alert
    R15 000 000
    R17 250 000
    Citizens in Solidarity - Production
    R7 000 000
    R4 723 626
    Citizens in Solidarity – Media
    R13 000 000
    R14 654 068
    Interfaith Portal – Activation
    R493 200
    Funerals Expansion
    R1 000 000
    TBWA - Premier Foods Initiative
    R450 755
    Tekano - Civil Society
    R180 000
    TBWA - Campaign Collateral
    R825 430
    R1 195 409
    In transformation initiative - Return to Work
    R620 000
    R713 000
    Right to Care – Funerals/TL/EC
    R1 266 757
    R1 266 757
    Zenex F - Safe Return to School
    R1 200 000
    R1 200 000
    SK52 - Track and Trace
    R1 577 022
    R1 986 999
    The Community Constituency COVID-19 Front
    R5 000 000
    57 500
    Grounded Media – Radio Campaign
    R796 000
    R915 400
    Rx Radio SA – Radio Campaign
    R100 000 R100 000
    Ask Afrika – Research and Feedback
    R690 000
    R690 000
    Loud Hailers (Powersound & Paul Brothner)
    R3 310 274
    R3 310 274
    DG Murray Trust - Sikhaba Radio Series II
    R7 000 000
    R4 298 712
    SA Council of Churches
    R4 000 000
    R4 000 000
    Radio education campaign
    R7 000 000
    R7 000 000
    TotalR175 409 438
    R121 203 966

Fulfilling our mandate

It’s easy to look at numbers as an indication of the success of the work undertaken by the Solidarity Fund. Certainly, the contributions by business and individuals have been inspiring. The truth is, however, our work is about individuals – the millions of people who have been made vulnerable by the COVID-19 crisis. While the Fund’s work has been made possible by numbers, it can only really be judged by the lives we have touched.

News Flash

Thank you, and Solidarity Fund emergency contact details

On behalf of Tandi Nzimande and the Solidarity Fund Board and Executive Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you – our partners, donors and volunteers – for your immense support, spirit and strength during a year full of hard work, challenges and successes. You have helped make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of many South Africans, and should be proud of our collective achievements.

Gender-based Violence. Systemic/Catalytic Response.

The CBO call for applications are now closed.
The Solidarity Fund is inviting eligible community-based organisations (CBOs) to apply for funding in support of critical activities and services related to addressing gender-based violence (GBV) across the country.

Gender-based Violence. Community-based Response.

The CBO call for applications are now closed.
The Solidarity Fund is inviting eligible community-based organisations (CBOs) to apply for funding in support of critical activities and services related to addressing gender-based violence (GBV) across the country.



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Happy Saturday, citizens! As we’ve mentioned this week, a year has gone by since the COVID-19 pandemic hit South Africa. While we’re all used to the precautions and safety measures to prevent further spread of the virus, we cannot get slack or careless in the ways we #StaySafe.

#WeekendWisdom: After month end and pay day, you’ve likely planned a shopping trip to stock up on essentials. Avoid crowds and busy malls, wear your mask, keep a sanitizer on hand, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing!

#covid19sa #UnityInAction #SolidarityRSA

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Wearing a Mask Properly

Did you know there is a right way & a wrong way to wear a mask?😷 Make sure you wear your mask properly when in public and when in poorly ventilated places. #DontBeAMampara watch & learn how so that together we can stop the spread of Coronavirus. #UnityInAction

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