Never before in the history of our democracy has our country been confronted by such a severe threat to our health and future; however, it is a threat that we will be able to overcome if we work together.
Across our country, people and organisations have offered to help and the Solidarity Fund is the vehicle that has been set up to facilitate this.

R2,53 Billion

Unaudited figures as of 25/05. Please expect up to 48hrs for Donations to clear and reflect.


Donations Recieved

As of 25/05


Through this Fund, we aim to:


Prevent the spread of the infection by supporting campaigns and communication measures to flatten the curve


Detect and understand the magnitude of the disease through the supply of testing kits and research.


Care for those in hospital or medical care by ensuring a supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic through the support of feeding and shelter programmes across the country.

Disbursement Overview

*As of 25/05. Unaudited

Food Relief Response

280 000 of 250 000

We have exceeded our target of supplying food to 250 000 households.
We have delivered close onto 280 000 food parcels and counting, to date.
280 000
Food parcels delivered
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