Health Response

The global COVID-19 health crisis is unprecedented in scale and impact. From early on, it became clear that a rapid and proactive response was essential in order to get ahead of the virus and manage it. The Fund’s Health Response was guided by the urgent need to augment and support the work done by the country’s health services, and protect those who are working to protect all South Africans.


The Fund have allocated R884m for the procurement and distribution of PPE, R703m of which has already been disbursed. This includes R50m that is in the pipeline for locally manufactured PPE and the ordering of ±41 million units of PPE, of which ±36 million units have landed in SA and continue to be distributed.


Key to monitoring, controlling and understanding the spread of the COVID-19 virus is extensive testing. To support the NHLS’s ability to test potential patients, the Fund allocated R409m, R335m of which has already been disbursed. Due to Solidarity Fund efforts, the NHLS increased its testing capacity from ±100 tests a day in March to over ±45 000 tests per day in July.


Understanding the inevitable global demand for ventilators that would arise, we allocated R282m for this need. R22m was spent on the international purchase of 200 ventilators which have arrived for distribution and R250m has been used to support the National Ventilator Project to locally manufacture 20 000 CPAP ventilators.

Essential equipment

We have also allocated R405m to support the procurement of essential equipment needed in hospitals and field hospitals located in the hot spot provinces. The equipment will serve the communities throughout the pandemic, aid in the overall health response accordingly and will continue to be used post COVID-19.

Current Projects

Siemen EC Equipment and Hospital Donation

Essential equipment funding for GP


Essential equipment funding for EC

Essential equipment funding for WC

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) - Seroprevalence Study

SAMRC testing capacity

Testing capacity - ICPA

DG Murray Trust Community Heath worker PPE funding

Manufacturing of ventilators – CSIR

Manufacturing of ventilators  - SAVE-P

NDOH PPE for in-hospital HCWs

NDOH International Ventilators


NHLS test kits
National ventilator production project, prototype and manufacturing

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