COVID-19 Perspectives

The world over nations and authorities are united in the fight against COVID-19.  Professionals from all sectors are standing and working in solidarity trying to find solutions to solve the myriad of challenges presented by this pandemic. On this page we will endeavour to share various perspectives from across the world to help us understand what we are dealing with and how we can overcome this global challenge.

The articles below are provided as a means of education and in the public interest and is not intended for any commercial or other gain. The copyright in all articles belongs to the authors thereof and the Solidarity Fund in no way claims any copyright therein. Should you be an author of the content below and object to publication thereof, please contact us.

Covid-19 Emergency & Lockdown:

What went wrong and what will it take to fix it?

How wearing a mask can slash COVID-19 deaths

The more people wear masks, the safer everyone will be, shows this modelling study.

The unbearable loneliness of COVID-19 - A personal account

There are no visiting hours for COVID-19 patients. Instead, there’s anxiety, fear, stigma and potential grief. But there’s also — at least some — resilience.

Daily Maverick Webinar

'Equitable access’ the main concern in race for COVID-19 vaccine. It seems science will succeed, but will politics hinder equitable access to the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine? Mark Heywood chatted to Professors Shabir Madhi and Helen Rees about South Africa’s first clinical trial for such a vaccine.

Learning How to Dance

Reducing the number of new COVID-19 infections to prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed remains critical even outside of lockdowns. Across the world many countries have followed the same protocols and have seen a reduction in COVID-19 cases, with some successes, while many others are still battling the spread of the pandemic. In South Africa we are heading toward our peak and must remain vigilant continuing to flatten the curve. This however takes a collective response and the world over there are examples of how we can do this. Author Tomas Pueyo, in his now seminal piece explains;

Is SA’s healthcare system prepared for Covid-19?

At a devastating cost to the economy, South Africa's stringent lockdown has bought the healthcare system time to get ready for an upsurge in cases. But the jury is still out on whether we will be ready when the virus hits its peak.

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